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Russian Grammar Cards

Russian Grammar - Great for when it's time to put the words together! The grammar study set allows reiteration of language rules including word usage, gender, tense and more.

Russian Vocabulary Cards

A quick and easy way to build a 1,000 word vocabulary of the most commonly used words in Russian. Words are selected by active teachers and professors from correlated beginning texts, bridging needs for both reading and speaking.

Russian Duo

From Russian roots to classical favorites, from gypsy to ragtime, the Russian Duo is an magical collaboration between virtuoso balalaika and concert piano, creating a vibrant, cross-cultural musical experience.

Musical Treasures of the Bukharian Jewish Community

A seven CD box-set with book of music and lyrics. This remarkable collection represents a thorough overview of the religious and folk music of the Bukharian Jewish Community, once based in Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, and elsewhere in Central Asia. Collected by Ezra Malakov, an accomplished musician and performer from Uzbekistan, this box-set is a delightful way to introduce music lovers, both young and old, to the musical traditions of Central Asia.

Islam, Asia, Modernity

On May 5-8, 2005, the Jackson School of International Studies' Asia Centers held an open conference and symposium entitles Islam, Asia, Modernity at the University of Washington, Seattle campus. This exciting event brought together preeminent scholars and public intellectuals from Asia, Europe, and the United States to share their expertise about the changing practices and politics of Asian Islam.

Harvest of Despair: The 1932-33 Famine in Ukraine

This award-winning film documents the tragic consequences of the forgotten holocaust in Ukraine. While Stalin was selling millions of tons of wheat to Western markets, people in Ukraine were dying of brutal starvation at a rate of 25,000 a day. Up to 10 million innocent victims perished in the famine brought by ruthless decree. this film probes the tragic consequences of Ukraine's national struggle for greater cultural and political autonomy in the 1920s and 1930s.

Russian Feminism: Twenty Years Forward

This inspiring short film describes the obstacles and successes faced by feminist scholars and activists in establishing women’s studies and the women’s movement in the late Soviet Union and the early post-Soviet period. Based on interviews conducted with key figures in this history, the documentary captures the scholarly and activist exchanges that emerged in the early 1990s and their effect on developing women’s organizations and opening a public conversation about sexism and women’s issues in Russia.

Films by Goran Radovanovic

This collection includes seven films by acclaimed writer, director, and documentarian Goran Radovanovic: The Ambulance (2008), Chicken Elections (2005), CASTING – A South East Europe Transition Film (2003), OTPOR: The Fight To Save Serbia (2001), Model House (2000), My country – for internal use only (1999), and Second Circle (1996).

After the War: Life Post-Yugoslavia

After the War: Life Post-Yugoslavia is a 150-minute compilation featuring 9 films by 5 film-makers from the former Yugoslavia, the Netherlands, Peru and the United States. These films represent a broad spectrum of contemporary documentary film-making. Rather than a polemical examination of the governmental and military situations that caused the civil war, these films represent the human costs by providing a ground-level view of life in a country ravaged by war, cultural divisions, and its difficult road to reconciliation.

Coffee Futures

Coffee Futures weaves individual fortunes with the story of Turkey’s decades long attempts to become a member of the European Union. Promises and predictions made by politicians, both foreign and domestic, are juxtaposed with the rhetorics and practices of everyday coffee fortune telling. The widespread custom of coffee fortune telling in Turkey is an everyday communication tool. Coffee fortunes are both a way of dealing with hopes, fears and worries, and also a way of indirectly voicing matters usually left unspoken.