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Foreign Language Teaching Podcast brings you interviews with experienced teachers, SLA and bilingualism experts, textbook authors, and scholars who share their thoughts on teaching foreign languages and reflect on the best practices and strategies that will help you in your classroom.


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The Library of Authentic Russian Materials

The Library of Authentic Russian Materials (found at ) is a site with categorized authentic materials organized by various types of tags (grammar, vocabulary, text type, level, skill). 

If you have something that works well in Russian language classes that you would like to contribute to the site, there is also a form for contributions at .

Bulgarian Dialectology as Living Tradition

The site contains 181 samples of natural village speech, recorded by the authors of the site over the last quarter-century in 68 different Bulgarian villages. Each text is a well-formed chunk of discourse which not only illustrates salient features of the dialect but also conveys valuable information about traditional cultures. 


The Slavic department at Stockholm university has developed a very efficient language learning tool, Wordalist:


Main features:

- Statistics driven practice engine: Wordalist gathers data and gets to know each individual user and presents questions the user needs to practice more often, and those the user knows better less often, thus optimizing user experience and learning efficiency. Data from all users is also used in the algorithm; Wordalist knows which questions are hard and which are not.

Online Heritage Language Classes for Russian, Carleton University

Carleton University will offer online Heritage Language classes for credit in Spanish and Russian. These “Heritage” classes are intended for students who grew up with exposure to one of these languages, but who did not study it in a formal setting or at an academic level. Classes will take place online and will make use of a variety of online technologies. The courses will allow students to work independently on projects and self-directed tasks. (Placement Test required)



Polonicum: Center for Polish Language and Culture for Foreigners, University of Warsaw

The Centre of Polish Language and Culture for Foreigners “Polonicum” is the oldest centre of its kind in Poland. Throughout the entire academic year it organises various courses and workshops teaching the Polish language and culture to foreigners. Among the participants of those courses are students of the University of Warsaw and of other Warsaw institutions of higher education, as well as numerous foreigners interested in the language and culture of our country.

Russian Dialect Corpus: Ustja River Basin


The Ustya River Basin Corpus contains over 350 000 tokens of informant speech with new data being added continuously. It is based on interviews that were recorded during joint Russian-Swiss field trips in 2013 and 2014 with inhabitants of all age groups in the village Mixalevskaya of the Ustya region of Arxangelskaya Oblast and the neighboring villages Bestuževo, Plosskoe, Akičkin Počinok and Glubokoe.


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