Asynchronous Course: "Jewish Voices in Russian Culture" -- Hofstra University

Benjamin Rifkin, Professor of Russian and author of  Advanced Russian through History, will be teaching an asynchronous distance course in Hofstra’s January 2022 term called “Jewish Voices in Russian Culture.”  This course uses the anthology edited by Dr. Maxim Shrayer of Boston College.  During the course of the three-week asynchronous class, students will read texts written originally in Russian (supplemented with a few texts written originally in Yiddish) by individuals who identify or identified as Jews from the start of the 18th century through the present, watch documentary and fiction films about the Jewish experience in the Russophone lands as well as interviews with Jewish immigrants from the former Soviet Union about their own lives and their parents’ and grandparents’ lives.

Students will participate in discussion asynchronously through a discussion board on the YellowDig platform embedded in Hofstra’s learning management system (Blackboard).

This is a 3-credit course that is sponsored by Comparative Literature and Jewish Studies. Enrollment in the class is limited due to the asynchronous nature of the class and the course’s writing assignments, but at present there is plenty of room to admit non-Hofstra students.

Non-Hofstra students may enroll in the class by filling out the application to be a visiting student at this link:

Once admitted, students can seek out and enroll in CLL 151.

For any questions about the course, please reach out to Benjamin Rifkin at