Cafesjian Museum of Art, Yerevan, Armenia, Serouj Ourishian, 2014.
Cafesjian Museum of Art, Yerevan, Armenia, Serouj Ourishian, 2014.

Armenian at The University of Chicago

The University of Chicago regularly offers two years of modern Armenian language study as well as an introductory course in Classical Armenian.  

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ARME 10101 Elementary Modern Armenian I

This three-quarter sequence focuses on the acquisition of speaking, listening, reading and basic writing skills in modern formal and spoken Armenian. The course utilizes the most advanced computer technology and audio-visual aids enabling students to master a core vocabulary, the alphabet and the basic grammatical structures to communicate their basic needs in Armenian, understand simple texts and to achieve a minimal level of proficiency in modern formal and spoken Armenian.

A considerable amount of historical-political and social-cultural issues about Armenia are skillfully built into the course for students who have intention to conduct research in Armenian Studies or related fields, or to pursue work in Armenia. A language competency exam is offered at the end of spring quarter for those taking this course as college language requirement.

2020-2021 Autumn
Central Asia

ARME 20101 Intermediate Modern Armenian I

The course is aiming to enable students to reach a reasonable level of proficiency in the Armenian language. The curriculum is heavily based on real life situations. Each class session includes a healthy balance of real-life like conversations (shopping, placing an order in a restaurant, asking directions, talking with natives, getting around in the city, banking, etc.), readings (e-mails, text messages, ads, news, etc.) and writings (messages, filling forms, etc). The students can also communicate in Armenian well beyond basic needs about the daily life and obtain some level of fluency in their professional interests. This sequence covers a wider-range vocabulary and complex grammatical structures in modern formal and colloquial Armenian. Reading assignments also include a selection of simple original Armenian literature and excerpts from mass media.

ARME 10103 or an equivalent

2020-2021 Autumn

ARME 10501 Intro To Classical Armenian

The course focuses on the basic grammatical structure and vocabulary of the Classical Armenian language, Grabar (one of the oldest Indo-European languages). It enables students to achieve basic reading skills in the Classical Armenian language. Reading assignments include a wide selection of original Armenian literature, mostly works by 5th century historians, as well as passages from the Bible, while a considerable amount of historical and cultural issues about Armenia are discussed and illustrated through the text interpretations. Recommended for students with interests in Armenian Studies, Classics, Divinity, Indo-European or General Linguistics.

2019-2020 Winter

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