Istanbul skyline

Turkish at The University of Chicago

The University of Chicago offers Turkish language instruction at all levels (elementary, intermediate, advanced). In addition, instruction in Ottoman Turkish is available up to the advanced level. On demand, reading courses in Modern Turkish Literature, Late Ottoman, Old Anatolian Turkish, and Old Turkic are also offered. The University's Modern Turkish language classes aim to develop students’ practical proficiency in reading, writing, listening, and speaking the language. Authentic Turkish material from various media such as songs, dialogue recordings, short ads or news video clips, blogs etc. are used in class. Occasionally, students prepare group video recordings of themselves staging dialogs from certain common social situations. Thus, the program fosters not only reading and writing, but also speaking and listening skills. In addition, the University's Ottoman program places great emphasis on the philological education of all students, reads Ottoman literature in the original, and encourages students to work on texts and take them as the basis for their studies.

Turkish Circle

Outside of regular classes, the program hosts Turkish Circle, which meets weekly on Mondays at 5:00PM in Pick 218. Turkish Circle features talks on various topics of popular and academic interest in Turkish and students of all levels are invited to practice their listening skills and take part in a discussion following the talk.