Warsaw, Poland, Eirik Newth, 2012.
Warsaw, Poland, Eirik Newth, 2012.

Polish at The University of Chicago

The University of Chicago regularly offers Polish at the beginner and intermediate levels. When there is interest, advanced-level study is also available. In addition to language classes, an array of Polish content courses are offered, as well as a Slavic film series and many academic talks and events.

Polish is a West Slavic language primarily spoken in Poland and by the Polish diaspora. It is, for instance, the third most widely spoken language in Chicago. Situated in the center of Europe, Poland is a vibrant country with a rich culture and history. Poland has existed in many different guises and iterations and has historically had a heterogeneous population. Polish literature is famous for its thoughtful modern poetry, its modernism and avant-garde, as well as its romanticism of mysticism and resistance. It is also the fastest-growing economy of the post-communist world.

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Related Courses

POLI 10103 First-Year Polish I

This course teaches students to speak, read, and write in Polish, as well as familiarizes them with Polish culture. It employs the most up-to-date techniques of language teaching (e.g.,communicative and accelerated learning, and learning based on students' native language skills), as well as multileveled target-language exposure.

2020-2021 Autumn

POLI 20103 Second-Year Polish I

This course includes instruction in grammar, writing, and translation, as well as watching selected Polish movies. Selected readings are drawn from the course textbook, and students also read Polish short stories and press articles. In addition, the independent reading of students is emphasized and reinforced by class discussions. Work is adjusted to each student's level of preparation.

POLI 10300 or equivalent; drills to be scheduled

2020-2021 Autumn