Resources & Outreach

CEERES strives to be a source of information for anyone interested in our vast and diverse region. To that end, in this section of the website you will find our multimedia resource library, lesson plans for educators, an archive of videos from our past events, and much more. 


Education Outreach

CEERES is dedicated to being a vibrant resource for the University and the extended Chicago community. CEERES is actively involved in helping educate the public about Eastern Europe, Russia, and the Former Soviet Union and serves as a link between the University of Chicago's specialists and members of the wider community. Schools, colleges, community organizations, and church groups can call upon CEERES faculty and advanced graduate students to give presentations and lectures on a variety of topics. We will be delighted to collaborate with you to coordinate programming on our world region. We extend a personal invitation to you to call, visit, or email CEERES to discuss your interests and hear your suggestions for directions in which CEERES should be reaching in order to fulfill our mission.

Please contact to sign up for our mailing lists, learn about upcoming events, or talk about how to transform your ideas into future CEERES events and activities.

For additional information on events and a calendar of outreach programs from affiliated centers at the University of Chicago, please visit