Central Asia


Studying the South Caucasus and Central Asia at The University of Chicago

The University of Chicago offers numerous courses at the graduate and undergraduate level on the history and culture of the South Caucasus and Central Asia. On this page you will find featured courses studying these regions as well as related news and upcoming events. For information about Turkish and the specific Caucasian and Central Asian languages that are offered by The University of Chicago please see our Languages of Study menu.  

Related Courses

REES 42101 Collapse: The End of the Soviet Empire

(CDIN 42101, CMLT 42101, HIST 43802)

This team-taught course invites students to reassess critically the meaning of the Soviet collapse on the occasion of its thirtieth anniversary. Topics to be examined include the neoliberal "shock therapy" economic reforms that ushered in a state of wild capitalism, the dissolution of the Soviet empire and rise of rise of new right nationalisms, and the formation of alternative artistic movements that resisted the economic and political devastation that accompanied the transition. The course pedagogy employs economic, political, historical, and aesthetic analysis to develop a robust understanding across a variety of disciplines and methodological approaches.

Consent required for undergraduate enrollment; email Professors Feldman and Hillis a paragraph long description about what you bring and what you hope to get out of this seminar.

2020-2021 Autumn