Book Talk: Prof. Monika Nalepa Discusses “After Authoritarianism”

The Forum on Law and Legalities welcomes Professor Monika Nalepa, Professor of Political Science here at UChicago to discuss her new book After Authoritarianism: Transitional Justice and Democratic Stability with PhD student Helena Ratté.

Professor Nalepa’s book tackles transitional justice – the act of reckoning with a former authoritarian regime after it has ceased to exist – has direct implications for democratic processes. Mechanisms of transitional justice have the power to influence who decides to go into politics, can shape politicians’ behavior while in office, and can affect how politicians delegate policy decisions. However, these mechanisms are not all alike: some, known as transparency mechanisms, uncover authoritarian collaborators who did their work in secret while others, known as purges, fire open collaborators of the old regime.

The event will be held in the John Hope Franklin Room, SSRB 224, from 1-2:30pm on Wednesday, January 11th, 2023.

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