Central Eurasian Studies Society Annual Conference (Virtual CESS 2021)

Annual Conference (Virtual CESS 2021)

CESS Annual Conferences have been held at universities around North America since 2000, currently offering up to 70 panels and attracting approximately 300 participants from all over the world.

[Updated] The 21st CESS Annual Conference will be held virtually, with support from the Ohio State University. The conference will run from 9:15 am on October 14 to 1 pm on October 17, 2021 (all times listed are Eastern Daylight Time, UTC–04:00). 


Originally scheduled to be held in October 2020, the conference was postponed in light of COVID-19. Please see the Update on CESS conferences (May 2020) for further details.

Virtual Conference Host

The Ohio State University (OSU) is a public research university in Columbus, Ohio, one of the fastest growing cities in the USA. It has the third largest university campus in the country, with almost 60,000 students. Its faculty include scholars who are leaders in the sciences, engineering, medicine, public policy, law, social sciences, arts, and humanities. OSU has strength in Eurasian, Russian, East European, East Asian, and Middle Eastern studies. It is one of the few US universities that teaches the Uzbek language regularly. OSU hosted the CESS Annual Conference in 2011.

Being situated in central Ohio, OSU is within two hours from other excellent institutions of higher education with faculty that research Central Eurasia:  Miami University (Oxford, Ohio), Kenyon College (Gambler, Ohio), Kent State University (Kent, Ohio), Denison University (Granville, Ohio). Together with other universities with Central Eurasian expertise, like Indiana University, the University of Michigan, the University of Pittsburgh, and Case Western Reserve University, the Midwest region of the US has become a nexus of research relevant to CESS.



Registration for CESS 2021 will open in August 2021. Non-presenting delegates are welcome to register right up to the start of the conference.