Hangmen Also Die! – Doc Films Screening

5/14/22 @ 2:30 PM

Fritz Lang | DCP | 134m
1212 E 59th St # 3, Chicago, IL 60637

Directed by Fritz Lang, this film is a loose noir retelling of the 1942 assassination of Reinhard Heydrich, the second-highest ranking officer in the SS who was known as "The Hangman of Prague." Heydrich's assassin, a Czech patriot (Brian Donlevy), dodges the Gestapo as they take hostages for retributory execution with the help of a wealthy Czech fifth-columnist. With introduction and Q&A by Ben Frommer.

Benjamin Frommer (Ph.D., Harvard, 1999), Associate Professor of History, is the author of National Cleansing: Retribution against Nazi Collaborators in Postwar Czechoslovakia and co-editor of Intermarriage from Central Europe to Central Asia: Mixed Families in the Age of Extremes. His current book project, The Ghetto without Walls: The Identification, Isolation, and Elimination of Bohemian and Moravian Jewry, 1938-1945, examines the wartime destruction of one of the world's most integrated and intermarried Jewish communities.

This is part of a short film retrospective on the events surrounding the 1942 assassination of Reinhard Heydrich presented by DocFilms, CEERES & Fundamentals.