PSV Bootcamp March 2023: Understanding Web3 for Russian-speaking musicians and journalists

BLOCKCHAIN/WEB3 for musicians and journalists, especially Russian-speaking or located in Russia


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Learn about web3 and blockchains. 

Develop a possible web3 music concept. 

Learn how to pitch to web3 investors and donors.

hosted From UCLA together with blockchain at berkeley

This bootcamp will provide an overview of blockchain technologies and their potential applications in the music and media industries. We will begin by discussing traditional music royalties and copyright structures, with an emphasis on their historical development.

From there, we turn to effective blockchain use-cases in music and media production, including the creation of immutable record-keeping systems, enabling peer-to-peer transactions, and automating royalty payments through a listen-to-earn model. We will also explore the potential for blockchain in facilitating the licensing and distribution of creative works. 

Students will have an opportunity to apply their understanding of these issues through a presentation or proof-of-concept final project. This will allow them to demonstrate understanding of the material and explore potentials for using blockchain in their own future work.

By the end of this course, students will have a solid understanding of blockchain technologies and how they can revolutionize the music and media industries. They will be able to critically evaluate the potential benefits and limitations of blockchain in various industry contexts and career settings. 

General COURSE Information

    Instructors: David MacFadyen (Professor @ UCLA), Mo Alobaidi and Nate Pola

    Office Hours: By email/appointment

David MacFadyen is a professor at UCLA in three programs: Comparative Literature, Musicology, and Digital Humanities. He is the author of eleven books on the culture of modern Russia and surrounding nations, with a primary focus on the history of popular song and music. Two more books are under consideration with publishers. Over the course of two decades, he has amassed the largest collection of Russian popular (and unpopular!) recordings from Russia – approximately two million compositions that were recently donated to the Wende Museum of Cold War History in Los Angeles. He is now finishing a web3/blockchain app to promote decentralized journalism and music-making with fairer payments and superior copyright protection.

Mohammed Alobaidi studies Cognitive Science, Computer Science, and Design Innovation at UC Berkeley. He founded, a blockchain platform for owning and investing in one’s favorite music and later joined Catalog as a Core Engineer. He teaches the Blockchain for Developers course, while serving as a full-stack developer and product designer on the Aleo project. Mohammed is very enthusiastic about leveraging blockchain to change the value of creative work and remains an active contributor in web3 music.

Nate Pola studies Economics and Electrical Engineering & Computer Science at UC Berkeley. He has been with Blockchain at Berkeley for over three years, currently serving as the Head of Education. In this role, he leads all externally facing courses – including Blockchain Fundamentals, Blockchain for Developers, and two online EdX courses (with a global enrollment of ~300k students). He connects the organization with the broader blockchain community. Nate also teaches two other classes for Berkeley's Haas School of Business: Personal Financial Management and Decentralized Finance.


    Course Meeting Dates: March 6th – March 17th


Note: All of the course times are scheduled in PST (Pacific Standard Time)

Moscow is 11 hours ahead of Pacific Time

Session 01 / 6 March: Introduction to Blockchain & Web 3  (7-9AM PST)
Bootcamp Introduction (10 min.)
Blockchain at Web 3.0 Overview (90 min.)
Q&A (20 min.)

Session 02 / 8 March: Music Industry Deep Dive (7-9AM PST)
Music Industry Landscape Overview & Applications (90 min.)
Q&A (30 min.)

Session 03 / 10 March: Web 3.0 Applications in Media (7-9AM PST)
Current Web 3.0 Use Cases (90 min.) 
Final Project Overview & Next Steps (~15 min.)
Q&A (~15 min.)


Session 04 / 13 March: Technical Dive into Music + Web 3.0 (7-9AM PST)
Demo: Etherscan & Minting an NFT (20 min.)
Demo: ZORA (20 min.)
Demo: IPFS (20 min.)
Q&A (30 min.)

Session 05 / 15 march:  Industry Speaker (TBD) (7-9AM PST)
Industry Speaker (45 min.)
Industry Speaker Q&A (15 min.)
Project Support (60 min.)

Session 06 / 17 march: Final Project Showcase & Elevator Pitches (7-9AM PST)

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