SRAS Spring Study Abroad Program

Application deadlines for SRAS spring study abroad programs have been extended to October 15.


We now offer two options for spring semester Russian as a Second Language:


Each program offers unique strengths and each comes with a cultural program to introduce students to the rich local cultures that will surround them.


We are also offering the following spring semester programing covering a range of subject matter:


  • Security and Society in the Information Age – Warsaw
    Focus on security studies; optional think-tank internship
    Find out more at:
  • Central Asian Studies – Bishkek
    Regional studies, international relations, identity studies, Russian language (regional languages optionally available)
    Find out more at:
  • Identity and Conflict in the Post-Soviet Space – Tbilisi
    Conflict studies, diplomacy, geopolitics, history, identity studies, international relations, Russian language, Ukrainian language
    Find out more at:

You or your students may be interested in new study tours from SRAS coming up this fall and spring break:

  • Armenia: Identity and Geopolitics
    Eight days exploring geopolitics, history, and culture in Armenia. Apply by Oct 15
    Find out more at:
  • Spring Break: Navruz in Uzbekistan
    Nine days exploring history, culture, folklore, and religion in Uzbekistan! Apply by Jan 5
    Find out more at:


SRAS has also made several new additions to its program lineup. These include short-term programs focusing on Ukrainian language or Uzbek art and architecture. We will also be opening Yerevan for RSL starting in summer, 2023. You can see all our new (and older!) programs online and abroad here:


If you have any questions on our programs, please let us know!

Josh Wilson
Assistant Director
Editor in Chief, Vestnik