Virtual Lecture: "Ukraine: a Spotlight on the Culture of Change and Resistance" with Dr. Valentyna Ushchyna and Dr. Olena Sivachenko -- University of British Columbia

Though the academic year is currently coming to a close, the Russian Federation’s invasion of Ukraine is not.

Throughout the summer months, we in UBC’s Department of Central, Eastern, and Northern European Studies will continue to focus on the experience of the culturally diverse people of (and in) Ukraine, who continue to survive under brutal attack.

Each month, around the monthly anniversary of the invasion on February 24 of this year, we will invite new speakers and guests who will contribute their unique insights and perspectives, helping us to keep our consciousness focused on the survival and experience of the people of Ukraine during this period of unprovoked invasion.

Please join us and register for our first event in the CENES series "Ukraine: a Spotlight on the Culture of Change and Resistance" on 25 April, Monday, 12:00PM CST.

Our first speakers will be Dr. Valentyna Ushchyna, VNU, Ukraine, and Dr. Olena Sivachenko, UofA, Canada.

You can register here: