Anti-Gender and Anti-LGBTQ+ Politics in Central and Eastern Europe: Historical Continuities, Transnational Connections, Contested Futures


Friday, May 13, 11AM-12:30PM, Zoom webinar

This workshop examines anti-gender and anti-LGBTQ+ movements in Central and Eastern Europe within the broader context of 20th century political and social developments. It explores state socialist gender politics and sexual citizenship (e.g. demographic panics, pronatalism, abortion debates, and the gendered division of labor) with attention to their continuities and ruptures through the “transition” of 1989 and into our post-socialist present. Should we understand the contemporary anti-gender and anti-LGBTQ+ movement in the region as a product of late state socialist gender politics, post-socialist anti-imperialist discourses, a conservative reaction to liberalism’s post-2008 crisis, or something else altogether?


Éva Fodor, Professor of Gender Studies, Central European University

Alissa Klots, Assistant Professor of History, University of Pittsburgh

Elżbieta Korolczuk, Associate Professor in Sociology, Södertörn University

Jill Massino, Associate Professor of History, University of North Carolina - Charlotte

Moderated by: Susan Gal, Mae & Sidney G. Metzl Distinguished Service Professor of Anthropology, Linguistics, and of Social Sciences in the College, University of Chicago

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This event is part of a series of events examining contemporary anti-gender and anti-LGBTQ+  politics in Central and Eastern Europe, and around the world. It approaches the topic from three perspectives -- exploring them historically, transnationally, and pedagogically -- in order to illuminate the development of anti-gender and anti-LGBTQ+ politics and to think collectively about how to teach our present moment.
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