"Burning Books in Ottoman Lands" by Hakan Karateke

OI 208

this Friday (1/13) the Islamicate Studies Reading Group is welcoming Professor Hakan Karateke, who will present his forthcoming work on burning books in Ottoman lands. 


Hakan Karateke 

Professor of Ottoman and Turkish Culture, Language and Literature

University of Chicago 

"Burning Books in Ottoman Lands"

FRIDAY, January 13th, 2023


OI 208


Professor Karateke's paper is titled "Hangi Kitapları Yakmalı? On Beşinci ve On Altıncı Yüzyıllarda Osmanlı Ülkesinde Kitap Yakma Hadiseleri" [Which Books Should Be Burnt? Book Burning Incidents in Ottoman Lands in the Fifteenth and Sixteenth Century] and has been circulated to members of our listhost. We would encourage those who are able to do so to read the paper before our meeting. That said, reading the paper is not required to participate! The presentation will cover the content of the article in English and we encourage transregional and transtemporal engagement.


This is a unique opportunity to hear from one of NELC's own faculty members about their research as well as to hear about exciting work that might not otherwise be accessible to you! If you are planning to attend and would like a copy of the paper or to be added to our list please email Theo Knights at knightst@uchicago.edu. 


Looking ahead, in week 3 (1/20) Darragh Winkelman, a PhD student in Linguistics, will present his paper "An Analysis of Meter in Ottoman Poetry" to the reading group.