About Our Members


Current CEERES faculty are drawn from 14 disciplines in the humanities, 6 in the social and natural sciences, and 6 professional schools with expertise in almost every country and region of the CEERES area. CEERES strives to make connections between faculty across disciplines, the result of which has been some excellent interdisciplinary programming. While we make every attempt to introduce ourselves to new faculty and visiting scholars whose teaching or research touches upon CEERES languages and cultures, we know that our roster may not be comprehensive.


If you or someone you know should be added to our list of affiliated faculty, please let us know. We welcome all faculty into our CEERES community.




Students affiliated with CEERES come from many departments, disciplines, and professional schools, united by a common academic or personal interest in the CEERES region. Some find us when they attend one of our many programs or activities; others learn of us through their professors or teaching assistants; still others are referred to us for advice on applying for fellowships or finding appropriate study abroad programs. It is absolutely certain that we at CEERES are not aware of every student on campus who might benefit from being part of our community. We encourage students to make contact if they want to subscribe to our listhost or if they have ideas for future CEERES endeavors.


We welcome your input and would very much like to make your acquaintance, so if you are not already on our radar screen, please let us know who you are.



Associate Members

We are also proud to act as a resource to scholars and professionals outside of the University of Chicago who are interested in the CEERES region. Our network of Associate Members is comprised mostly of researchers residing in Chicagoland, many of whom are faculty at nearby academic institutions, but we are also glad to count individuals working nationally and internationally among our associates.


Feel free to contact us if you are interested in becoming one of our associate members.