Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) Fellowships, U.S. Department of Education

FLAS Fellowships are awards for students concentrating in modern foreign language and international or area studies. UChicago offers funding for languages in four world areas: East Europe, Latin America, Middle East, South Asia. The FLAS program provides funding for study on campus during the academic year and on campus or elsewhere (domestic or abroad) during the summer.



For students in the Social Sciences, Humanities, and Divinity Divisions: While holding an ACADEMIC YEAR FLAS Fellowship, doctoral students who have a divisional fellowship stipend greater than $15,000 will receive the Divisional stipend plus the Student Life Fee, insurance, and a $3,000 bankable award for future travel/research abroad. Those with no divisional stipend, or a divisional stipend less than $15,000, will receive the $15,000 FLAS stipend, Student Life Fee, and insurance. NOTE: Applying for a FLAS is always in a student’s best financial interest.



Applications & Additional Information: available on the Graduate Student Affair’s website



Contact for Advising: Jessica Smith, Assistant Director of Graduate Student Affairs


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