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The Wall: Growing Up Behind the Iron Curtain by Peter Sís

"I was born at the beginning of it all, on the Red side - the Communist side - of the Iron Curtain." Through annotated illustrations, journals, maps, and dreamscapes, Peter Sís shows what life was like for a child who loved to draw, proudly wore the red scarf of a Young Pioneer, stood guard at the giant statue of Stalin, and believe whatever he was told to believe. But adolescence brought questions. Cracks began to appear in the Iron Curtain, and news from the West slowly filtered into the country. Sís learned about beat oetry, rock 'n' roll, blue jeans, and Coca-Cola.

Empire of Friends: Soviet Power and Socialist Internationalism in Cold War Czechoslovakia; by Rachel Applebaum

The familiar story of Soviet power in Cold War Eastern Europe focuses on political repression and military force. But in Empire of Friends Rachel Appelbaum shows how the Soviet Union simultaneously promoted a policy of transnational friendship with its Eastern bloc satelites to create a cohesive socialist world. This friendship project resulted in a new type of imperial control based on cross-border contacts between ordinary citizens.

ToC: Laboratorium: Russian Review of Social Research

We are glad to announce that the new issue of “Laboratorium: Russian Review of Social Research” 1 (2019) has been published.

Isuue includes articles and essays:

Filosofia: An Encyclopedia of Russian Thought

Filosofia: An Encyclopedia of Russian Thought is an online resource for Russian and Soviet philosophy from the period roughly 1950-the present.


This encyclopedia hosts scholarly entries on prominent thinkers and concepts in Russian and Soviet philosophy, with an emphasis on the period from 1950 to the present. Entries are organized by keywords.



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