Kenneth Moss

Harriet and Ulrich E. Meyer Professor of Jewish History and the College
Harper 601
(773) 834-9430

Ken Moss is a historian of modern Jewish politics, culture, and thought. Trained in global Jewish history from the mid-18th century to the present, he works primarily on the Jews of 19th and 20th-century Eastern Europe, with interests in Jewish history in Palestine, Israel, and the US as well.

His field specialties are Modern Jewish history; Russian and Polish Jewry, East European Jewry; history of Jewish nationalism, Zionism, and Diasporism; modern Hebrew and Yiddish culture and literature; Jewish secularism and post-secularism; Palestine, Yishuv, Israel; history of the Holocaust and post-Holocaust Jewish culture, politics, and futurity; comparative history and sociology of nationalism; sociology of culture as an institution; history of social theory.